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Type R style front lip

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does anyone know where I could get a Type R style lip? I looked on the Comptech web site but those where too expensive! and i tried ebay but no luck... where can i get one at a good price? thanks
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hmmm ... well i got my ITR front lip from comptech, and when i got everything painted and installed, it came out to roughly $350. The Acura dealarship sells them for i think $400. You could maybe try or junk yards. Im trying to find a certain lip for my car, but ive only seen it once. If i happen to run across it ... ill be willing to sell you my ITR lip for a good price. i have a 94-97'. hope that help just a bit. good luck =)
i'll check out the junk yards and will look into, also i appriciate the offer of your lip but i have the 98-01 front bumper and will not fit... :(

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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