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Type r suspension

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any one have experince with type R suspension?.
any better than stock?.
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u would need the front forks from a type r and teh rear lower control arms from a 88 EF to make the shocks fit if thats uwt u wanted to know. are u trying to get type r shocks or the 5 lug conversion?
jdmb18hatch said:
rear lower control arms from a 88 EF
By EF do you mean the US models too? Cuzz I have the 88si, and as far as I know, its the ITR LCA's.
just the suspension, I was wondering if they are the factory perforance type. I ran across so info on the web about the type R suspension are beffier type performance suspension, but i cant find that link anymore.
was wondering if they are any gooder that N/A tockico ect.
I think the crx suspesion is pretty good I would go with a set of preformance struts Koni, tokico etc or the best Tein. Springs go with ground control or skunk 2. I know the 88 has a different rear set up and has the passive steering. I know the 5 lug pattern is possiable but unless your running a shit load of HP I don't think it is really worth the work unless you like the look. I am not really sure about the type R on the crx though
RaceInspired said:

By EF do you mean the US models too? Cuzz I have the 88si, and as far as I know, its the ITR LCA's.
iavn u drunk again wut came first the type r or the 88 si?duh si so itr has crx control arms really
ey tony...go with tien.....i will c if i can find a hookup for it!
the teins are suposed to be rebuilt every so often and u need to send em to japan so id take that into consideration
As an owner of a type R and a modded GSR (check out my sig), I will vouch that the thing that makes the type R so much fun (besides fromt eh discusting acceleration) is the fat rear anti-sway bar. Pair that with some good shocks, and maybe even some aftermarket springs, and you'lll have a CRX that'll scream around corners!

As far as they type R suspension on a CRX, My guess is that it would be sitting like a 4x4 because the type R is so much heavier, but the suspension was so good, that I didn't even want to go with aftermarket.

So basically I'm saying to GET A REAR ANTI-SWAY BAR if you want the car to handle closer to a type R and pair that with some wider and stickier tires, and if the bushings in suspension are worn, replace them, and then after I've done all that would I consider "lowering the car" There is a explanitory potst in the auto-x section of this boars, but I don't have the link.
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can anybody think of a good adjustable coilover for the 90 crx? I mean...a real coilover like the tien or progress. I want to be able to do fine tuning
Seriously, call ground control. I don't know the number, but if you call them, they'll give you part numbers for custom spring rates for your'll need to have decided stuff like wether your going to have a sub in the trunk, where your going to keep your battery, will there be a fuel cell...etc.

They will even suggest the best shocks for the application. try giving them a call I bet you won;t be dissapointed.
The reason i am asking this Q's is thatI have my motor swapped
6 month ago, with the 91 B18a and cheap lowering spring that I got for free, which handles good. I am on a tight budget and could get a set of type R suspension for $250 from a guy in Japan. and I was wondering if it was a wise choice to make. I was considering tokico Illumias w/ground control coils, but cant afford it at the moment.
I was planning to attend auto x this summer and want to improve my suspension.
also My friend had a talk with the ground control guy's and that told him that they can match the right setting for his need's
with KYB AGX adjustable shocks for $750. seems steep to me
but well worth it to my friend. who plans to travel down there, accoding to my firend "it's about 30 min's away from here".
I would spend the $250 on a bigger diameter rear anti-sway bar...seriously, you wouldn't believe the difference!!!! I am selling my type R, but the first mod that I am going to perform on my 90 hatch is a bigger anti-sway bar! You won't regret it-I pormise! I would NOT go with the aftermarket suspension that will just allow your car to plow just as much, the part that makes the type R is the rear anti-sway bar, ask anyone in the autocross forum, they'll explain that if you can rotate your car around the cones better, you'll achieve better times than if you are plowing past all the cones. Get a price on one, then save up some omney for a nice set of bilstiens, and some good springs.

yeah but the rear sway bar will not just do everything.......TONG's springs feel hella nice on his car (i rode in it today) its softer then my shit.........i am gonna get a rear sway bar...but you cant get one thatz too fat becasue if you do then you can have sum "car flipping over" problems if you have too stiff of a suspension......
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