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Type R

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i know this may sound very ignorant to alot of u but im kinda new to the whole scene....i was wonder what exactly is type r mean?
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No it's not, R is for RICE.

Rice Rice baby. dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dun pssshhh! :D

Haha. I'm not sure of the origins of the "R" but typically the higher end or "pinnacle" vehicle of a car line with have a single letter denotation such as "X" "S" or the ever so glamourised "R"
I think I'm ashamed to say I live near this guy Tweakmeister ......

R does stand for race for the Honda/Acura model line, because that is what it was marketed as, a street legal road race designed car. It does not take much more than a roll cage and some selective stripping down to have a potent road race car ......

Type S stands for Sport, and as such is decked out in some goodies for performance, but just as much for touring.
Ahh come on Daremo,

It was all in good fun :D

As the last part of my post said, the "R" or "S" series of a car line are usually the better equipped.

But hey cut me a break, because we live in Maryland we can use it as an excuse for oh so many weird things. Only in Maryland do you have to pass on the right, instead of the left! The list goes on...
Stick around Tweak ...... you'll see my sense of humor and know it is all in good fun ..... :p

I work in Annapolis, and live ..... somewhere else (stupid thieves troll the boards looking for specs and locations - be warned!!).
Haha okay.

Thanks for the warning. Actually, I live right outside of Annapolis (couple miles out). I own a '96 teg right now...RS. BTW, RS means RacingSpec (not ReallySlow) for those wondering :D

I'm looking at maybe getting an R in a couple months once the summer hits but knowing my odds:

1.) It will get stolen
2.) It will get keyed like my RS did
3.) Some uninsured motorist will mow it down

I love Maryland! Woohoo! :D
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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