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Type R

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I usually dont post out of my form, but since my friend bought a rsx-s, ive gotten to like it, yet since my car is still faster i wouldnt buy a type s. the type r is another story. does anyone know how i could get a hold of one or if anyone has any info on if they will ever bring it to the us. i would sell my lude for a rsx-r in a heatbeat.
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RSX-S is faster in my oppinion, since they both have the same horsepower but the RSX-S has a ligther body. I don't mean to start another RSX vs H22 war, just thought id share my oppinion!! ;) ;)
An rsx-s with your mods would definately give you a much better run than a stock one. The .2 doesnt count for anything.
my friend who works at the acura dealership in bellevue wa, whom i bought my rsx-s from told me "why dont you wait for the rsx-r comin next year?" baffled i was like "what? theyre bringing it over here?" and he responded "yeah man...and the civic type r too..." but i then replied "no its coo...i like the s alot..." he came back with "oh ok...thats coo..." and i said "yeah...the type r doesnt come with a sunroof so i dont really want it...if i were to get a type r it would be a second car for autocrossing/road racing..." and he was like "whoa tyt you do that?" and then i said "yeah i wanna compete but i have to go to racing skoo first...but oh well...the type r would be really nice but i need a daily driver right now..." then i happily signed the dotted line and came home with a brand new type s...which is why spoon is coming...bwhahhahahaahahh!!! my bad fellas hella bored right now...but yes it looks as if honda is bringing the R's to the U.S., both of them...finally...I'm already thinking about pickin up an rsx-r for a second car...daym...i will be hella 2 cents...paycers...
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