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type s head i'm doing it

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ok guys i think i want going to do it. if you knew i blew my top end of my car sky high. so i found a type s head for 700 it comes with eveything including the dist and vtec solenoid the guy said since he is giving me these 2 things it will bold right up to my h23 real easy. is this true???? or will it cause nothing but troble???
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do it! i want to see how much hp it actually makes!
Yes, it will bolt up to your H23, but I have heard of oil leaks from the H22 head on the 23 block. But, if it is a genuine Type S head, including cams and everything, then it sounds like a good deal. Just make sure you are getting the genuine article and it is in good shape. Also, remember that the installation will be key to the performance of the head.
this kid Includes type s head, type s cams, valves, valve springs, valve retainers, cam gears, intake manifold, vtec solenoid, and dist.

so this is a good deal for 700. also the type s cams. i haven't really heard good things about these. what kind of hp can i expect from the cams. or are they like factory h22 cams. also would i be able to hook a vafc so this or not. also will i still be able to use my h23 header and h23 intake???
also would i want to get a vtec tranny????
If it is in good condition, then I would say go for it. The Type S cams are nothing special. The lobes are only .5mm higher then the Type SH, so don't expect too much there. However the diff between the dohc 23 cams and the dohc 22 vtec cams is astounding, so it will be a night and day difference. You are able to install a vafc as long as you have the vtec ecu. Although the H23 intake probably would fit the H22 intake manifold, I would HIGHLY reccomend an aftermarket intake to make the most out of the new breathing power. Same thing with the exhaust manifold. The manifold will fit because you will obviously not be changing the block. However I would suggest a properly sized aftermarket one as well as a new cat and cat back system since the oem stuff was never meant for that kind of flow. And while a vtec tranny is not absolutely neccessary, the gearing will make a huge difference since the H23 tranny wasn't designed to keep the motor on the big cam. I think Lakemount went through that problem.
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man that is sweet. let us know how much HP it makes and what problems you run into...i might try something like that if i ever blow my H23.
wait whats the diff b/t sh and base cams?
[kp]lude said:
wait whats the diff b/t sh and base cams?
there isnt one.
i don't think the installation will go as smootly as you think. wouldn't you need the vtec scu also? i don't know about the dist. fitting in the h23 either, but what do i know? check around everywhere else...ask mechanics and talk to a honda dealer or something, i don't know. 700 is a good deal and you can always resell it ya know.
Actually Putang there is a difference between the base and SH cams. The SH high lobes are 1mm taller then the base cams. The Type S high lobes are 1.5mm taller then the base cams.
Ludeboy, I'm wondering because I heard it was a .5mm diff between the base an SH and a 1mm diff between the Type S and SH. Just double checking myself because I am not sure.
By the way, how has your autocrossing been? I'm stuck in Vermont at school so I am missing this season.
That is correct.

March 24th is the start of the season down here. Check out this link for autocrossing in your area.

I hope to get more involved this season, but things are also very hectic at work right now, so we will see.
Thanks for the link, the only problem is that I won't have my car up here until the summer because I didn't want to bring it up here with the salt and snow and shit on neuspeed race springs, especially when I have a lifted suburban to have fun up here with. I will have it here this summer though.
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