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uhhhh, help?? ;-))

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I know I've been a lurker, but I kinda need all you help right now

My Sol is getting more poorly by the day!! (It's not that bad really, but it needs fixing)

Basically I have a sticking front and rear caliper (both on the drivers side)

How do I go about fixing this?? I have negleted to flush the brake fluid and don't know when/if it's ever been changed.....I know, i know, it's my own fault!

So, I need to know how to unstick the front and rear caliper and how to completly flush and re-fill the system.

<que sad story ;-)>

I know I need to buy a manual for DIY jobs, but I have 2 problems, 1 Haynes don't seem to do a manual for my car, or even a Civic manual for the B16a engine.........and I'd love to buy the Honda service manual, but I can't afford it, I already have 2 jobs to pay for my Sol

<\que sad story ;-)>

he's worth it though ;-))

Also......whilst I am here how the *hell* do you stop the boot/trunk from leaking, mine leaks like a seive and it's starting to rust inside.....eeeeekk!!. Really need to fix that too :-(

Thanks for any help, and for reading my post, it really is appreciated!!

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For the boot (Uk eh?) / Trunk problem, you can look at the How-to section on

If your caliper is sticking you should just replace it (or them) because they won't get any better just worse and its not that hard to change them.

try bleeding them and if they still stick get new
Re: bleed

night_relic said:
try bleeding them and if they still stick get new
Definately start with that. If that doesn't work, you may need new calipers.

Doesn't Midas or other brake shops still do free estimates? You could always try that, and see what they recommend.
one of my rear ones was sticking and i had to replace it cause it had some shit up in it causing it to stick..
Uhh, I forgot to mention I'm from the Uk, anyone know the procedure for bleeding the brakes??


is it nearside fornt - offside rear, and then the reverse, or front then back or does it not matter??


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