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Ultimate Motor Swap for 98 Civic Hatch....

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Ok first off... not gonna do the h22 or h23. Im very familiar with the ludes, well at least thats what im used to. Im not familiar with civics as far as engines go. What would the best engine swap with mods be. I would really like to have a turbo, but theres no point in having it if ya can't boost it good. Im wanting in the range of 250 to 300 horsepower if possible. Whatcha recommend.??
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I've thought about a LS/Turbo setup for a while.. and possibly go LS/VTEC Turbo down the road.. I just like how there's so many ways to go about it..
jai si said:
I don't know what difference it makes when turbo'd, maybe better because of the displacement, but stock to stock the LS makes more power than a b20. The b20 puts out 124 while the b18 puts out 140.
actually the b20z (99-01) makes 140 hp, its the b20b (97-98) that makes 124. one of the reason the b20b makes so little hp is because it has really low compression (8.5) versus the b18b's 9.2. but ya look at the torque, the b20 has more of it in lower rpm's.
The h22 will put more weight over your drive wheels which can cause a bit more understeer. A lot of people think by dropping a h22 in a civic will make the car crappy at handling. This is not true and just a bunch of rumors. You can make the car still handle good by using integra spring rates, shocks, and lighten up the front a bit by getting a carbon fiber hood and relocating the battery to the back. The should take about 50 lbs off the front wheels.
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