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u mean neon lights underneath your car? i'm not sure but i think that being parked in a parking lot is literally 'off-road', therefore you should have been able to have them on. and if you did turn them off before you hit the streets, then they were not in use, so it's like- 'is there a problem, officer?'. Fuckin cops.
but if all you got the ticket for was for being lowered, depending on how low your car was, you could have fought it. i think in cali that the rule is something like the middle of my headlight has to clear 22" from the ground, and no higher than 36". but i've seen a buttload of raised trucks with the front end atleast 5' high. try to find out what the laws are in your area, so that if u ever get busted for something that isn't wrong you would atleast have some sort of chance at fighting it.
btw, taco bell rocks.
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