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update on zex install!

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well i got the tps problem figured out...i noticed if i put the throttle like .5mm from wot the solinoid will come on and go off when i let off...before if i gave it wot the solinoid would go on then shut off after i let off...but then wouldnt come back on again if i gave it wot...soo...i put a tiny peice of sheetmetal on the t.body where the throttle thing turns to open it..this prevent if from opening all the way..and keeps my solinoid working fine!
it only restirct the throttle by .5mm or so so no need to worry..

also i ran it twice so pulls nicely...but when i am shifting from 2nd into 3rd i get a pop from the this normal???

also i get the new zex plugs...the still look brand new!! except the tips are slightly while the rest of the tip has some black to it..which i prefer..
the electrode still looks untouched...they all look the same also
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