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Urgent Question!!!!

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I'm in the middle of installing my CAI and I am removing the lower resonator. I took off the two main bolts but the damn thing won't come off. Plus there is this valve thing with about an 1/8 inch hose running out of it into the engine bay, what is it and what do I do next?

Are there any other bolts that need to come off? The thing is really loose but just won't come off.

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When you take your bumper off, I believe there are a couple more bolts...All the bolts that you need to take off are visable. Each one you see, just take it out..
I had the same problem you're having. I removed all the visible bolts but there was still something holding the lower resonator in place. So I just slowly pulled it it back, bending the plastic until it finally broke loose. Then I just cut off the hose and tossed into into the nearest recycle bin :D
the cai should come with a small cap that goes on the IM where the hose ends..
It's all good!!!

I had to bend back the bumper a bit and there was one more bolt in the stupidest place. So I got the CAI on but had to hammer at the opening in the engine bay in order to make it fit better, ahhh well, make an omelet break some eggs.

Yeah, but what about that little hose that came from the butterfly valve? I just tied it in a knot. What the hell is it connected to anyways? Some little box behind the battery. I dunno.

Thanks for the help,

I mean....

the butterfly valve from the resonator I took out.
That little valve is your IAD (Intake Air Diaphragm) what it basically does is keep your car quiet when the VTEC Cam and runners aren't in use. When the car switches to VTEC, the valve seals off that resonating tube, taking in the air more directly, thus creating more power, and noise. It isn't important though, and it connects to the IAD controller, both of which are superfluous with your new AEM CAI. So in other words, just take it out, and like he said, tie the hose in a knot.
That's wierd....

cuz I don't have vtec

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