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Urgent request to USA 4th gen owners

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I have a JDM 4th gen, and have tried fitting an Arospeed brake reservoir cover, but its too small. My suppler has told me (Arospeed to them) that JDM brake covers must be bigger than USA models, hence why it doesn't fit.

The brake cover on my JDM 1994 SiVTEC is 93mm in diameter. Please can somebody with a USA 4th gen measure the diameter or their brake cover. I would like to know if they're the same size as JDM models.

My prediction is the JDM & USA brake covers are the same size and Arospeed have sent my supplier the wrong item.
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the diameter of the canister was about 70mm i think and the cap was about 90mm.....but it was kind of dark in the garage
Cheers mate, I made it 93mm, so they're probably are the same size as I suspected.
no problem man....glad to help you out
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