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USA Charts: Gran Turismo 4 tops February ranking


Long-awaited racer gives February a 13.2 per cent sales boost year on year

Polyphony Digital's Gran Turismo 4 was the best-selling title in the USA last month, according to the latest figures from NPD Funworld, with EA's NBA Street V3 also selling strongly at its debut.

The PS2 exclusive title - which became one of the UK's fastest selling titles ever when it rolled out last Friday - sold over 600,000 units in the USA during February, and helped to drive 13.2 per cent year on year growth in the software market.

NBA Street V3, meanwhile, came in at number two in the chart with its PS2 incarnation, while the Xbox version slotted in at number five, and sales across all three platforms topped 400,000 units.

EA also had two further sports titles in the top ten, with MVP Baseball 2005 (PS2) at number four and Madden NFL 2005 (PS2) at number nine, contributing to a small 3.4 per cent rise in value sales over last year, although the firm still lost 1.6 per cent market share by value in the face of stronger competition.

The only other new title in the chart this month was Sony Online Entertainment's PS2 role playing title Champions: Return to Arms, which debuted at number eight in the chart with healthy sales of over 100,000 units.

Take Two's Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas continues to sell strongly, coming in at number three this week and adding almost 160,000 units to its already impressive cumulative sales - with the continued strong sales of this title, compared to the rapid decline in sales of Halo 2 despite a similarly impressive launch, acting as a testament to the power of the PS2's massive installed base.

Last month's top titles also continued to sell quite strongly in February, with Capcom's GameCube-exclusive Resident Evil 4 - which launches in the UK this Friday - coming in at number seven with an additional 100,000+ sales, while Lucasarts' Mercenaries was at number six on PS2 and number ten on Xbox.
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