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USDM Type-R OBD-II ecu on an Si (B16)?

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I was browsing on e-day for type-r ecu and this guy is selling one, but he says to use it on the B16 Si engine, there has to be a modification to the distributor wiring or something to make it work. I was wondering if this is true or not and what has to be done to it? i searched on google but couldn't find anything, either that or I don't know what to search for. Is it really worth putting the P73 ecu onto the b16, or keeping the stock one? What about the JDM [integra] type-r ecu vs the USDM [P73?] one and vs the Civic-R (don't know the ecu code...) one? Thanks in advance.
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Use the B16 ECU, the R ECU is overkill, and will not work right with the parameters of the engine unless you have a lot of work done.
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