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OK well I am no expert, but I think that 95 Si s are the best models. In 95 they fixed the auxillary wiring problems as well as modify moldings to prevent leaking into the cab and trunk areas. It is also the last yeah they have the auxillary lights which I think are a huge piece of curb appeal. the one for 2000 has way tooo many miles for 2000, offer a 1000 and use the rest to put in a engine/trans/clutch. Something to remember is that there were only 73000 of these ever sold in the US so Low Miles+Good Condition=MEGA BUCKS! if not then I offer low. I left the state to find the perfect del Sol and I now have a 95 Si with 108000 original miles. Paid 3500 (what I had from my alero I sold, same day, so basically a trade for me) and dont regret it. fun to drive, decently quick, affordable, and with work it will be the best in the state. When it comes to engine swaps I would be careful about who does what, just because some kid puts in a GSR doesnt mean it wont blow up or some shit. when I bought my del Sol a previous owner put in a sony deck and mangeled all the wires. it was a bitch to put in my new deck and wire up my amp and subs. dont be distracted by rims and body kits. they arent worth shit. watch for typical honda rust on fenders and bottoms of doors, under the carpet in the trunk.
1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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