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USF1 make official presentation
Tue 24 Feb, 07:12 PM

The official presentation of USF1 took place on American sports channel Speed TV at noon local time. Dubbed a 'huge day for Formula One,' host Bob Varsha reiterated that the proposed challenger will be built in North Carolina and is to 'take on the world.'

Former Team Manager turned Journalist Peter Windsor was accompanied by his partner in the venture, Ken Anderson, former Technical Director at the Ligier and Onyx teams and known in the US for his open-wheel racecar designs.

When asked how they would go about setting up a Formula One team, Windsor replied: "There's no book about it. There's lots of books on how to drive a race car perhaps, but no books on how to do a Formula One team."

"But if you look at the way it's gone in the past or the recent past, it's been either find a rich trillionaire and have him dominate the team, own the team and if you're lucky enough you have a job once you've put the team together," he explained, "or you are lucky enough to be invited by a car company - a large car company to set up their Formula One operation for them."

The two scenarios mentioned were not the path the USF1 project wished to take, Windsor clearly stated: "Ken and I have been around long enough not to want to do either of those two things."

"We always wanted to do our own team our way," he declared. "It sounds very - arrogant perhaps - but we have some history and some things we want to bring into the sport and I think we can do well. The key to that was not selling anything more but a very small stake in the team."

"We've set some unbelievably steep hills to climb - in a recession - we just wanted to sell off a small part of the team," he added. "And I'm pleased to say that as we sit here now, we've done that and we're now two guys that can say we're going to do a Formula One team."

The question of financial backing will forever be an important one in the F1 world, but no clear details were given during the interview.

"We've got the capital to do it and to some extent the recession has helped us a bit. For those out there who say 'where's all the money, where's the huge facility, where's the money pouring out of the sky,' that isn't going to happen with USF1. We've always had a very different approach and that approach will become visible as time goes on and this year unfolds," Windsor declared.

In regards to the all-American theme the USF1 project intends to put into operation, Ken Anderson is confident that a team based in North Carolina will not be at a loss in comparison to the European-based teams, much closer to the majority of race venues.

"Most of the technology in Formula One comes from the United States to begin with," Anderson said. "As of next year less than half the races will be on the Continent so there's less of a reason for being there."

"The cost of doing business in the United States is significantly cheaper than Europe, and there's a lot of good people here," he added.

The plan to have a Formula One team based on the eastern United States coast, several hours away from the nearest Grand Prix circuit, promises to be a time-consuming and costly expense for the USF1 operation.

That does not deter Ken Anderson however, as we live in a world used to dispatching people and equipment around the globe on a routine basis.

"The logistics side is actually pretty simple," he said, naming a few well-known express transportation services as an example and pointing out the delays which are part of any long trip.

"Anybody who travels a lot now is used to it," Anderson said. "Whether you're going to Australia from here or England is kind of a moot point."

Additional details on the USF1 project will follow over the days to come.
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