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V-tech Controller

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Quick question, is a V-Tech controller worth the buy? I know that stockl you get the full power around 6000 RPMS on the GS-R. Does the V-Tech controller allow you to adjust when you want the maximum power? Advantages/Disadvantages?
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First off it is vtec, not v-tech.

A vtec controller allows you to set the vtec transition point anywhere from 2000 to 8500 rpms with 100 rpm resolution.

It also allows you to adjust your fuel delivery + or _ 30% with resolution at 1000 rpm increments from 1000-8000 rpms.

It confuses map signals being sent to the ECU and which causes the computer to add or subtract fuel according to what your controller settings are.
I think he got the point.
what type of gains can you expect with upgraded cams and vtec controller dyno tuned properly??

I am a ****** peice of shit for typing V-tecH.

You guys are the biggest ****** pIeces of shit.:D
Thanx for the nice tuning class

Lots to think about now.
I guess those home dyno kits are just stupid then... right?
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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