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vafc..fuel regulator??

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hi..i just got my vafc i need a fuel regulator to alter the air/fuel ratio along with the vafc..or the stock fuel system is fine?
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You will need an adjustable fuel pressure regulator to compliment your VAFC... The VAFC alters the stock ECU's Air/Fuel ratios and vtec crossover,,, in general it is a piggyback that tricks the ECU into new settings, But, you Still need to manually and mechanically adjust Fuel pressure as well as timing, and your cam settings.

I suggest the AEM since it does Not require disassembly of the stock piece, and that it does the job fine.

I also suggest Adjustable Cam Gears and cutting half moons in the valvecover to adjust them.

And I STRONGLY Suggest if and when all this stuff is installed that you DYNO TUNE IT ALL. Do Not attempt to adjust your vtec crossover or Fuel pressure or timing or cams until you are actually tuning on a Dyno...

Good luck,

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thanks for the info man......i got an appointment for a dyno next i'm looking forward to it
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