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VAFC ???

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anyone have one and how do you like it.
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Hey Circuitsports

circuitsports said:
I have a couple on two cars I own and about 25 more that I have installed and every single one does a very good job of increasing power and tq. However although I install them I do not have access to a dyno at my location so I send cars out to a location that does and has recieved APEXi certification on tuning these. Otherwise you can make avery quick mess of things as these are deffinately not toys.
Do you own your own shop for installing VAFC? If so, where are you guys located? I bought one awhile back and tried to do the install. Half way reading the instruction, I pretty much gave up. Too many color coordination. If you can do a decent work, the job is yours. I'm in Tustin. PM me....

From what I've gathered, the Apex is more complicated to tune and install but have more functions to it. The Fields is more user friendly yet less options. You get what you pay for....

1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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