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Can anyone please help me with the correct figures for valve clearances for my '93 4th gen Prelude? The engine code is F22B, it is DOHC 2.2L non-VTEC JDM engine, car was imported directly from Japan (also right hand drive).

I have had it adjusted before, but I do not trust the specs to which the mechanic used.

He explained that the engine had previously bend a valve, resulting in a camshaft with slack (in the cylinder-head). This engine does not use bearings for the cams so this damage would be permanent.
The engines rattles as bad as a diesel, has been since I bought it (as is). Performance is also below average.

The driving exitement has dropped to almost non-existent, while this is the car I always wanted.

Please help me to become a smiling prelude pilot again!:(
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