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Vavle Cover cleaning tips?!?!?

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sup everyone
i took off the valve cover on my d16 cuz i couldn't get to a sparkplug becuase a sparkplug wire left the rubber thingy on the end of it inside so i couldn't get a grip on the plug...but anyways...i took off the valve cover. but before i put it back on, should i clean it first??like wipe off all the oil or use a cleaner. i don't care about what it looks on the outside, its the underside of the cover that matters....if i confused anyone, my bad! i feel like i'm rambling...any help/advice THANKS!
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your crx looks just like my buddies, just as low, gsr wheels, and clear corners, but his is teal. Its nice. I would say if it is gummy and dirty, give it a cleaning. I would also change the gaskets as well. You can see his car on my site under friends rides, if you want. Later
hey, i really like your hatch. maybe because it looks like my car but not a rex.... hmmm..... nice and clean though.
take some simple green an clean it out good
put a new valve cover gasket and take the the cover to a dealership and have it put into a soak tank
i was about to say simple green..HAHA...that stuff is the shit.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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