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If anyone needs custom graphix (in any size) to already made logos for your car (Ex. NOS, K&N, etc) then email me and I'll hook you up with a good deal. Tell me what you want and I'll email you a proof before we do business. Thanks for taking the time to checkout my message.
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Here is a page with some samples. For anything specific let me know and I'll email you a pic. Thanks, Graphix_Master
what kinda deal? i need a SPRINT decal, actually 2 and another weapon*

how much would those three be shipped?
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If anyone wants a price, be sure to give me color, size, etc. The more specifics the better I can do to hook you up. Since it is vinyl the shipping costs will be probably be really low. For smaller stuff (ex. 2x6inch decals). The cost will probably be around .50 cents. To save time be sure to get me your email address so i don't have to post everything.
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