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venom 400....................

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hey what's up, finally got my account reactivated.......... one quick question. i've heard a bunch of stuff about the lil venom 400 ecu, or whatever it is. i also heard it can give you up to 25% more horse!!!! that sounds to good to be true! is it? i belive it can do that but what other mod's do i need to get the full effect of the venom chip. ie. headers exhaust fuel rail fuel injectors pumps intake???? just wondering before i BUY it. or not. positive and negative feedback will help a whole shit load.

scott g;) :confused: :rolleyes: :cool: :p :) :eek:
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I have heard good things about it. thats all I can say.
YEA ITS HELLA TIGHT , if u wanna waste all your gas and get no better performance...i had one a while back..took it back cuz it eats fuel and gave no power....just get a vafc
was it mapped for your car? a lot of people just hook them up without sending them to get mapped.
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