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anyone know what they run bone stock? Or modded. if modded list what mods. Thanks
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And I know, eclipses are sort of a girly car. but I want a fast car, and my parents wont let me get a VTEC lude, they wont let me get a VTEC teg, and im trying to squeeze by them with this! LOL
stock 15.0-.30, once modified it's down hil from there, i.e. i read in Turbo Mag that a Intake.exh.,Downpipe, and Blowoff valve put eclipses in the high 13's, they rule the streets. Some AWD guys go to the track and run 11's and 12's and drive there car home!:p
So you're saying the GSX's are the way to go?
NoCarKid said:
So you're saying the GSX's are the way to go?
well for drag yes, but it's heavier. i'd prefer a GS-T, i love Front wheel drive.
girly car, my ass man. one of the only 4 cylinders taht can handle 400 whp on stock internals...
but anyways.... yeah about 15.0. and each mod will do a hell of a lot more than it will on a prelude. just freeing up the exhaust will make it a beast. but reliability is always an issue.. so beware

if you can get a gsx.. definitely get one. i only got a gst because no gsx's were in my area at the time

also... a gst/gsx will have higher insurance, be faster, and less reliable than a prelude or gsr. so why would your parents let you get one instead? (not flaming.. just curious)
first generation (i think) eclipses have crank walk because of oil delivery or block setup or something. be careful if you plan on getting one of those. I know that gen 2 (the gen in alex's sig pic)block swaps are common for the reason of curing crank walk (they have oil squirters i think). i'd get an awd one like in alexgst's pic if i were to get one. i don't like the body style but they are beasts. i like the previous generation body style better.
actually the crank walk issue is from 95-97 models. swapping in the first gen block is the fix. there was some tolerance problem with the crank journals from the factory, yet the factory won't claim this defect and waranty it. that's the whole reason i sold my 97 gst and bought my gsr. be sure to get a 98 or up if you want the 2nd gen body style. good luck.
yea, i was looking for an eclipse gs-t but all the good priced one were to far away, it's difeniatly worth the investment to get on though. the Trans is always an issue too,but i wouldn't care cause it's probably from poor judgement when driving, like high rpm launches,why do that when your in an eclipse turbo take the loss of the line and reel them in! And downshifting when you could probably stay in gear and walk them down! Just my .02 cents:eek:
it will take you about 100 runs to get a 15.0 stock on a gs-t.. i ran a [email protected] mph stock... i was proud of my 2.2 60' time... the crazy torque on them will make you spin tires like you wouldnt believe... by the way, im expecting a 14.5ish with intake, bov, catback exhaust, boost controller... alomst a second off e/t's with 600 dollars spent :)
any other views?
i got a 14.7, na na na na na na... :p i only spent 600 bucks in mods... teeheehee....
nosgsr said:
actually the crank walk issue is from 95-97 models. swapping in the first gen block is the fix. there was some tolerance problem with the crank journals from the factory, yet the factory won't claim this defect and waranty it. that's the whole reason i sold my 97 gst and bought my gsr. be sure to get a 98 or up if you want the 2nd gen body style. good luck.
aaaaaaaaactually, the crankwalk is 95+... doesnt happen to a lot of people though... the tradeoff is that the 1g is bulletproof, but ugly... and the 2g is nice looking, but suceptible to crankwalk...
sweet man, Im pondering wether to get a mustang GT or an Eclipse GS-t or GSX. Im leaning towards GST because although both cars are popular, no one at my school has a GST, but there are about 6 mustangs (only 1 GT but....) I dunno I still have 2 months til I need a car to drive (getting my license) but I can get a car any time I got the mooolah
get a GSX... i saw some web page... forgot the address, but i'll look for it... and the guy had a budget of 1000 dollars.... he upgraded the turbo... straigh exhaust, 3" downpipe... intake filter, and cranked up the boost.... and he ported the intake side of the intercooler and polished and ported the intake manifold... all for under 1000 bucks... dude runs 12.1 on street tires....

just think of it... those cars are the easiest to launch... set the rpms up at 5000 let out the clutch.. mash the gas... and you got yourself a 60ft time of 2.0 seconds...

screw gst dude... get gsx...

also i doubt your parents will get you this car... unless you pay for insurance... its about 4 grand a year on insurance...

turbo + allwheeldrive + teenager = crash/street racing

good luck... if you get it there are so many free mods you can do to make them go fast. Hit up dsm talk that is a good board for DSMs (diamond start motors, same thing as mitsu eclipse and eagle talon and a plymoth lazer etc etc)

hope i helped :cool:
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2.0?????? more like 1.8
actually, a GST that is modded is a bitch to launch. my best bud has a 98 GST w/ k&N filter, upg intercooler piping, 95 gst bov, hollowed out cat converter, and is running 17 lbs of boost on stock internals and stock turbo. that thing flies. however, driving the GST is a piece of shit compared to any honda. hard shifts, sucky clutch, and btw, if you are into autoxing, a gst sux ass. man when i turn that bitch on the freeway at like 60 mph feels like there is no traction and you will fly off the road, ofcourse that is compared to my 94 sol vtec, which is much better for turning and handling. i love the gst and as a mattter of fact, there has only been two times where we have lost a race in the gst. one loss to a chevy nova that was modded. another, to a 98 GSR w/ drag gen 2 running 6 or 9 lbs of boost w/ thermal 3" cat back exhaust. the GST is fast. have owned many cars and made peeps look foolish out there. i love the GST, but just wait till i turbo my 94 vtec sol. gonna be one hell of a race.

i love the gst. just dont be surprised if you dont like the way it drives. very hard to shift and clutch is hard, if you arent used to that kind of stuff. but ofcourse you can get used to it. very fun car to drive, and very well respected car. i love the look we get when we eat modded rustang GTS alive by like 4 cars through 3 rd gear. lol. thats a 4 banger and it beat me? heeeeelll yea it did. lol. GST, what can i say. great car. very good car for low budget tuning. just like alex gst said, for under 1k, that car can fly. especially when you hollow out the exaust.

oh, another problem. boost is hard to control w/ stock turbo and internal wastegate at high boost such as 17. alexgst, the boost spikes at 19 psi too man!!! lol, that is so gay and dangerous.

it could be controlled alot better w/ an external wastegate, but i mean you cant complain. its a stock turbo so dont be upset fellas.

sorry for long post and hope i helped you out.

if you have any other ?'s, holla and ill get back to you.
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its also better to control with a better internal wastegate... hahn racecraft sells them... also, you can set your boost lower to compensate for the spike so you wont screw anyhting up... whats ur friend running? he should lower it to 15 psi... anything above 15 is dangerous on the t-25.... it doesnt do anything at all after 15... so, btw, im pulling consistent 2.2 60' times now... i learned to launch at the track and im very happy... took me 13 runs to learn how to do it right...
anything after 15 on the t25 is basically just blowing hot air.

but i agree.. launching this thing is a bitch. however, i also have some terrible tires. i havent dynoed but i know i'm putting out a decent amount of power right now. i'll spin first, and even if i stop spinning.. as soon as the turbo spools.. i lose traction again. pretty soon i'll have my big-28 at 17 psi and itll be a tractionless monster
hey soflagst, yeah man are you blkDOHCsol friend? eheh yeah man, well i have a 94 sol vtec like blkDOHCsol, and my best friend has a 98GST. very funny how he got it though. we were in hs and he wanted an eclipse foreva. turns out the kid bought an already hooked up car. i didnt know about cars and shit, just that i noitced an autometer boost guage and i said hey taht came w/ your car? he said yep its all stock. anyway, i was a dumb ass like 3 yrs ago abt cars. then i got me sol and got into them. i knew he was not stock when he beat a 00 GSR w/ i/h/e and a 75 shot of nos, racing w/ some good 15 inch sticky tires. lol. so one day, at the college i go to i c a dood just hawkin my car. he says hey, nice car. so then he says that he sold the GST to my friend. said he sold it cuz the boost was spiking and it was driving like shit. fawk, thing only had 16k miles when my bro bought it for 16k. good deal there. but anyway, my friend now knows a little about cars cuz of me now. weve never been to the real 1/4 mile strips, but he has raced my friend in his hooked up chevy nova and he ran a 14.1 which is pretty good considering the wheather in TX, el paso that is.

yeah man, i want to hear bout u and blkDOHCsol race man. what do you thinnk about that race? a civic si w/ 10 lbs can waste you? were u running more than 15 lbs when you raced him?

well take care and good to share info w/ ya.

oh yea btw, i chekd ur website. not to shabbby. eheh u oriental peeps always got the coolest damn hair.

dont get offended, just a compliment!

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