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Jacques Villeneuve may have been having a tough time since he joined BAR, but it would appear that the 1997 World Champion has still hung on to some of his supporters, namely Damon Hill and Jean Alesi. In a recent interview with F1 Racing Magazine both Hill and Alesi said that in their opinion the Canadian is one of the most phenomenal drivers on the present day grid because of his all or nothing attitude.

Hill, who drove alongside Villeneuve at Williams, believes that given the right team and the right car Villeneuve could become a double world champion, but at the moment the Canadian has lost a bit of his sparkle because it has been such a long time since he was last able to challenge for the victory in a grand prix. However he recalls the days when Villeneuve went into every race full of enthusiasm and ready to take on anyone and everyone like he did back in 1996 at Estoril, pulling off an amazing passing manoeuvre on Michael Schumacher.

Hill said: "Given the right car Jacques is capable of winning championships, no question. He's won the championship before and the only reason he sometimes appears to be in the doldrums is that he's been away from the front for so long. People forget, don't they? I remember Estoril '96 and Jacques was telling me and Jock (Clear) how he was planning to overtake someone on the last corner. We both knew it was impossible, totally mad, but on the Sunday he did it! And not just 'someone' either - the driver he overtook was Michael (Schumacher)!"

Alesi agreed with Hill saying: “It was totally incredible! Impossible! But Jacques scares me - he's a crazy driver! He has absolutely no fear. I sometimes worry he'll have a really big shunt. He's fearless in what he says too. Formula One needs that.”
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