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Although it would clearly benefit a driver's career to move to one of the top three teams in Formula One, BAR driver Jacques Villeneuve has said that he would never consider moving to McLaren. Recently the Canadian, who won the World Championship with Williams in 1997, said that one day he would love the opportunity to drive for Ferrari, but now it has emerged that he would not even contemplate a move to McLaren at all because of the Woking-based outfit's boss, Ron Dennis.

Villeneuve had been linked with a possible drive for the 2001 runners- up in the past, but it would appear that the opportunity to work with Dennis, whom the Canadian describes as someone who likes to play games, does not appeal. Although Villleneuve is with BAR at the moment and is struggling to get into a position where he can win a grand prix, it would seem he would rather not be winning races than be in a race winning position at McLaren and having to deal with Dennis.

Villeneuve said: “McLaren would be a difficult, er, a difficult one. They've been on the way down. I don't know what it would be like to work with Ron Dennis anyway. I think it's very difficult to get a clear answer from Ron. I think Ron likes playing games, so it's very difficult. It would not be my goal to go to McLaren.”
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