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Ok, I am going to try and give as detailed explination of the problem as I can because I need some serious help with this issue.

Problem- Speedometer worked ever once in a while-
- Checked the connections, cleaned and secured plug-
- replaced the sensor with one from another civic which was known to work
- replaced cluster with one from another civic which was know to work

Next I figured that there must be a short somewhere in the wire, what i want to do is bypass the wiring system in the car. Ive tried this once- and I got a check engine light-

I know the signal from the VSS needs to go to the ECU and Speedometer-

I tried wiriing it myself once and i get a check engine light -

on a 92-95 civic- there are three plugs on the Senson- Blue/Yellow- Yellow/White and Black, Obviously the Black is ground- and I assume blue/yellow is the pulse signal- can anyone confirm this-

Next- how can i rewire this?

Do I run a seperate wire from the sensor into the ECU, and a seperate wire to the Cluster?

Anyhelp would be necessary, I had this problem for tolong and everything Ive tried has failed.
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