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vtec cyliniod gaket/filter keeps breaking

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i got jdm sir swao and the gasket with a screen that goes between the vtec cyleniod and block keeps breaking and leaking oil. the original one on there have a very slow leak, so i replaced it with a new one and it leaked again the next day, i replaced it again and it leaked again, both had a small tear in the same spot. so i replaced again and it lasted about 3 weeks until 4 days ago it leaked again. i thought didn't install it right because 3 have broken in a month, so i took it to a Honda dealer to have them put it on. They are one of the best Honda dealer in the state, so i know that they did it right. but it just broke again today. i have asked everyone around the area that do engine swap and work on Hondas and no one have seen this happened before. one guy did mention that maybe my oil pressure regulator is not working properly and my oil pressure is too high. what do you guys think.
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just get another used VTEC solenoid instead of trying to replace a filter on a defective mount on your old solenoid: $80. What oil pressure are you running at anyway? What's your oil level?

If you can't locate one locally any Honda engine head porting shop will have a couple laying around and sell it to you cheap...DPR, Portflow, Endyn, ....
oil level is between min and max line. haven't checked the oil pressure yet because i'm trying to get a hold of an oil pressure guage. is that oil plug in front of the head next to the vtec soleniod a good place to get oil pressure reading or should i tap into the sensor next to the oil filter. is there an oil pressure regulator in your engine? i'm sure the mount is not defected. i check the surface area and there is no crack or sharp edges that would cut the seal. vtec works fine too. i just think my oil pressure is too high and it's blowing the seal. what should oil pressure be any way? i had one on the teg and it was around 70-75psi at 4000rpm. does that sound right?
i checked oil pressure today and got ~70psi. i went to a Honda dealer and they want $270 for the whole vtec solenoid assembly. i think i'm goning to sand down the surface of the solenoid so there would be more compression on the seal.
At idle the oil pressure should be around 10 psi and at 3 grand it should be at 50 psi. At what rpm did you measure yours?
i just put auto meter electronic oil pressure guage in to day and it reads 20psi at idle and 70psi at 3k rpm. i use a mechanical guage yeasterday and it reads the same. 10psi at idle is too low.
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