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Vtec didnt kick in, few times.

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Driving back home after the game last night, the engine is worm, the cars been running for at least 10 minutes, ... i punch it, and at first i didn't notice it didnt kick in, ... next set of lights i step on it again, and again it just revs high with no pull ... i slow down, step again, and it kicked in?,

Anyideas, what might of caused it? What should i have looked at? I have about 50 miles on the car.
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What kind of car do you have? I am assume an Si.

Was the temp gauge in the center? Sometimes it takes longer than 10 minutes to completely warm up.

Vtec will also not kick in if your oil is low.
If your temp was normal then check if the oil is low. Do you have any mods?
Check your codes too:
Thanks guys, ... temp was normal (half way), oil level fine ... i have no mods other then short ram intake (pos) but screams like hell ... oil level is fine ...

it hasnt happend again since, and lets hope it doesnt.
try resetting ECU?
The oil pressure needs to build up, sometimes it can not build up enough from just sitting. You have to drive it for a bit to get it pressured up, thats about all you can do. If the oil is low it just takes a bit longer. Also check if the oil cap is on tight sometimes it is not tightened enough, and don't put no filter on the valve cover where the hose from the intake enters. That does not help the engine at all. Just because the make something does not mean it is good.
If it happens again and you have tried everything everyone has suggested, your VTEC silonoid may be bad..My buddies 99 GSR had the silonoid go bad on it...It doesnt ahppen often, but when it does it sux..your car should still be under warrenty so take it to honda and have them replace it. But change your ride back to stock because they will say you screwed it up by putting mods on it and that will void your warrenty.
why is the vavle cover breather bad?????????
valve cover breathers aren't bad. They basically do the same thing as that hose from the intake does. The only point of that hose is so the valve cover can get air in and out. As my mechanic explained to me, the valve cover constantly intakes and exhales air outta that little breather hole, so a breather filter or hose from intake works the same. I had a hose on my old motor and the b16 I have now, I am using a breather (donated generously by one of my friends since the hose from the old motor was too short to fit the b16). If people tell you breathers suck, they are just saying that out of personal opinion.
i'll check the things you guys have mentioned, so hey, it be a good idea to get a oil pressure gauge.
Had the same problem at 100-200 miles for a while ... since I passed 1000 on my car it never happend again ...

My advice is to wait till you get 500 - 1000 miles and if there is still a problem go to the service.
you guys are talkin about pushin your car under 50 miles??? or did you mean 50,000 miles. If im not mistaken your supposed to brake your car in and wait till 1000 to even start gunning it. Isnt that messing your car up. My friend bought a new WRX and couldnt wait, and hes havin problems now
this is to the guys talking about the breathers...What that hose does that goes from the valve cover to the intake is part of the EGR system...It resiculates the exaust that gets trapped under the valve cover back through the engine, what this does is reduces power, minimally however, but its whole deal is to lower the amount of junk that goes to the air. If it gets burned again its supposedly going to be cleaner. Sometimes though oil gets pushed back through the intake. All the breather does is release all the junk to the air, and filters any air that goes unddr the cover.
I knew what it did, and i havre a ton of blow by in my intake manifold, from the previous owners of the motor, and i knew what the breather did, but i just didnt understand what bluecivic was sayin, i just didnt see the reason why it would be bad to have it on, oh well, i have a custom made intake and i dont want to drill a hole, so ill stick with my breather
sorry for misunderstanding i've got 50,000 miles, .. 50 miles i wish :) ..
i think what your problem is that you didn;t let the car warm up enough. With the on board computer it won;t let the Vtec kick in if the engine ist warm enough, or if the oil isn;t warm enough. sinse you added more oil, thats more oil to heat now which means you need more time. like in my S2000 if i punch it right out of the Driveway it won;t exceed 6000Rpm due to the engine isn't warmed up. let it warm up longer man and try it then i am sure it will work for you then man

good luck:cool:
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