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vtec killers

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On the new Toda power vtec camshafts do you just un hook your vtec solenoid. and how bad do these cams kill your bottom end power.
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well you have a 2000 rpm idle, the motor doesn't make power until 5000 rpm and in reality power doesn't start until about 9000 and is supposed to go to like 12000 rpm or something?
ok so you'll need individual throttle bodies (your car won't be streetable), a stand alone engine managment (did i mention this won't be streetable), atleast a 12:1 compression ratio probably more (wich means much higher than 93 octane gas, streets are long gone), you're gonna need some extreme valvetrain modifications to keep those cams running happy, the bottom end is going to need a rebuild after every track event (so you can forget driving to the track), oh and the set up won't be streetable because the cams won't produce enough power to puts around with slow moving traffic.
if i were you i'd stick with a set of toda a, b or c spec cams... they'll do much better for you in the long run.
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agree 100%

unless it is strictly a drag car or autox car (maybe?), then you should go with the TODA Spec C's. that was my plan before i decided to get a custom grind.
Wait a second here. I'm no NA expert, but the Toda Spec A's are suppost to be similar to the ITR cams and the Spec B's are suppost to be more aggressive and the Spec C's are suppost to be wild!

And from what I've read in the past, the Spec B's non-VTEC power is as strong as a VTEC on the stock cams already so you have to move the VTEC X-over to like 7000rpm and the redline is at about 9500rpm.

So no power doesn't start at 9000rpm and it doesn't max out at 12,000rpm. It should make more and better power than stock so it should be a sloppy thing.

About getting the Spec C's, well they are suppost to be really wild so I don't know why anyone would want them for street. If you want street cams get the Spec A's.
the spec b and spec c have the same primary lobes and make power to 9 or almost 10k i think. the c's are streetable.
if you read the topic of the post he's inquiring about the "vtec killer" camshafts, not the spec a b or c camshafts. the "vtec killers" don't have a vtec cross over because there's not a seperate set of vtec lobes for them. check again and look it up for yourself. once again they're "vtec killer" camshafts. not the spec a b or c... peace...
i don't think he new that the VTEC KILLERS were not streetable. That is why everyone has steered toward the Spec B's and C's.

Shit, I didn't realize they were without a set of two lobes at first either
Yeah the vtec killers do not use the other cam lobes and are not anything like the spec a, b or c's The signal auto chop top crx uses the vtec killers and theyy are running mid 10's all motor no vtec thats pretty damn impressive if you ask me
yea vtec killers someones gettin ballzy..hell someones gotta run those..fn itb's whew put that motor in a hatchback...if only i won powerball
I see... Its not the regular Toda Spec cams. But it disables VTEC, hence VTEC KILLERS. I remember reading somewhere that when VTEC engages, there are other engine parts that are just sitting there and just taking up space and adding weight to the car. So It would seem that this VTEC KILLER cams are good for those application.

Would it still be making the same or similar powerband that the regular Spec cams make though? I mean up high are they still as aggressive?
vtec killers will produce absolutely insane ammounts of power when used correctly... they'll destroy spec a, b and c for max power... the problem is that they don't have much power in the low rpm... the spec a b and c would be much better for road racing or mild dragging...
guys, just get this in your mind...these cams are NOT streetable and would pretty much SUCK BALLS for drag racing, they are a circuit sure someone could make a drag car quick with them....but itd take a lot of money and work and they could most likely build something better and faster without the VTEC KILLER's
Like I said before Signal Auto's chop top CRX runs mid 10's with these cams and thats out of a B16 all motor and no vtec. What other car compares to that. and I agree they are not streetable at all but would'nt that be cool
well, there is VTEC in theory, just the BIG lobes running all the time, because i think the rockers are welded or locked into place with these cams.
HI, Gay Ass Integ that runs a 15.0 flat. Thanks for the post
C5DelSolWFO said:
HI, Gay Ass Integ that runs a 15.0 flat. Thanks for the post

i hope you were not speaking to me.
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