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vtec stock sound system

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hey, i'm trying to install my deck into my gen4 vtec, and i was wondering if anyone knows if, first of all, the center woofer has a stock amp, or is it just hooked to the stereo, and second, where do i find the leads to hook the woofer up to.
the leads that come off the speaker ar red/gray and white/gray, but i can't find them anywhere, and they aren't in the main harness
please help me!!
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Just so you know, I don't think the 4th gens ever came with a stock woofer, and I doubt any honda has ever had a center channel. look at your speakers in the doors and in the rear, and note the color of the wire, also follow it as much as you can to make sure that somehow somewhere it didn't change. that's what happened in my integra, and it confused the hell out of me because I couldn't find my right rear speaker. Just so I know, where did you find this woofer in your car, are you sure it isn't aftermarket? good luck on that
yea actually, the 93-96 VTECs had a 7 speaker system, 4 regular, two dash mounted tweeters, and a 6x9 in woofer in between the two rear seats, all stock..
i'll try following the wire and see if it helps any..
I'm sorry, I don't know why but I thought I was in the accord forum, guess you got a lude it looks like, well anyways, try following the wire, and yeah the stock headunit should have leads for that, if it's an aftermarket one, I wouldn't think it would (depending on brand and stuff), as a center channel and 7 speakers is not very conventional, and most people don't need it. either that or probably the impedances on the speakers are setup so you can wire them into 1 4 ohm load and the deck has one lead which powers two speakers. at any rate you're in the wrong forum, try posting in the right forum and you might get more help. try prelude and electronics
yea i know, i'm a dumbass, i realized that later and posted one there
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