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vx hatchback steering

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Dpes anyone in here own a vx hatchback? I was just wondering what the steering height is like with no tilt steering which I now have in my dx hatchback. In my dx i put the steering wheel to the lowest height setting. Is the vx steering wheel with no tilt be at the highest height setting? Can anyone help me. I like the setting in my car now, and no really want too much of a change when I buy a new hatchback. Can't decide between the vx and dx.
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well im 5'6 and its ok now wish it was like an inch lower
i also installed accord seat in it now but its not that bad
though if your over 5'6 you should be in good shape its
not that bad of a height you can definately deal with it
hmmm lets see if you put some racing seats i guess it will
be better but im not sure of the exact height but if you post
this again tommorrow ill check it out and give u the exact height
yeah im like around 5'11, I 'm just used to the setting in my civic now, so I don't want it to change too much. Thanks for your help.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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