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hey everyone, i have a 92 white accord wagon ex that i currently have the stocker ex wheels with 195-60-15. i really like the rs-gt's at, but not sure what size to get. if i go 17, the tire sizes they offer are 215/45/17 and 205/40/17. if i go 18, the tire sizes they offer are 215/35/18 and 225/40/18. i am thinking i will go with a moderate drop like a eiback prokit, but not real positive yet. will all these wheel and tire combo's fit on my car and not rub? also, what is the ideal offset for this car. i live in a city area and jsut dont want too small of a tire where i have a possibility of damaging a rim. also, is there big weight difference between a 18 and a 19. thanks for any suggestions
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