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wanan buy headlights?

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hehehe...who wants the stock oem headlights? used for two weeks...came new wit my 02 sedan...

hard to sell this stock stuff....:mad:
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why dont you just keep them? You probably wont get too much for them anyways. IMO, its always good to keep stock stuff. Later on you might want to sell your blackhousing headlights...never know.
how much and where do you live?
do you have apic with your black housing on the car? i have the same ride and want to see how it looks.
sure...ill take some ics of it this weekend for ya...

to me or email me...we'll go from there...

thanx guys
problem...who wants the lights more?

ezaccord and dohctor both want em....
how much are you selling your stock headlights for? :)
ezaccord hasnt responded for a while...i sent him another email....if i were to sell, then dohctor would be next in line...unless he doesnt want them anymore

then you'll get em 00accord
so ill get back to you guyz soon me if you're interested...same with dohctor...

pm me if interested
I need to sell my OEM headlights too..dang.

I got projectors on. I putted my OEM headlights on ebay but nobody bid on it.

If you are interested let me know..

It was from 98 cord. It was little dirty but i washed it hella good.

lol are the projectors? i had them before but i cant adjust them right so i sold it. let me know how they are,
I just got new HID 'look' H3 light bulbs.

You can adjust the height of the light beam by turning those three screws on the back.

I had same problem but it went ok. It is much better than before.

Looks pretty good.
1 - 15 of 15 Posts
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