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wanna go to the runz

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norcal peeps-

last time i went to milpitas last month, there was nothing but fucking pigs everywhere espically at montague

anyone want to update me on how it is now? or suggest any good spots in norcal? Like is the hayward runz good? Anyone want to meet up and go to the runz somtime?
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i went last weekend and there was po po's everywhere...didnt even see a run....they would just post at all the spots
Yeah, i have been there the last few weeks. It is getting pretty bad. You just have to follow the crew around for a while, but usually we end up hittin up a spot for a little while. We find new spots all the time, so just follow. Hit me up before this weekend, I might be down there.

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lets hit up the runz not this weekend coming up, but next weekend, cause i'm need to fix by distributor this weekend.

what cities do you guys live in?

prelude93si: can't get runz off of montague anymore, but are able to get some off of great america

anyone know how the hayward runz are?
Actually the great america ones are pretty much shut down also. They have had the road closed off with barriers and flares. And cops cruise by there about every 10 minutes, but I usually meet up with everyone in that area and then head out somewhere else. I havent been to the hayward runz in a while. How are they, let me know if anyone knows. Oh by the way, I am up near san mateo, where is everyone else at?

so wanna hit up the hayward runz on march2?
were the hayward runz good when you went?
1993preludeSi, what about you, are u down?

oh yeah, I live in berkeley ca.....well, i live in the dorms of ssu now, witch is like 10min from santa rosa.
Hey Epic, where does everyone meet up at in hayward? Im probably down to check it out.

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i was hoping you knew since you've been. I can look on streetracingdotcom, but i don't know how acurate/up to date that is.

Check it out, I can probably find out where they are in hayward. I will check around and see where its all at. We can check out the hayward ones, and if those arent going on we can always head down to milpitas. Let me know what you think, and if you find out any info on it let me know. By the way, where are you at in the bay area??
on streetracingdotorg it said that peps meet up at jack in the crack off of tennyson st or w winston or was it winton. I dont know if any of this info is correct though.

I'm from berkeley, but i currently live in rohnert park (the dorms of ssu)

just wondering race, age?

i'm asian, 19
Damn, your all the way up in rohnert park? One of my good friends moved up there. That reminds me, I should go visit her soon. Well, I am white - 22

What you said about jack in the crack sounds about right. I think they might still go to the same place they used to. I have gone out there in about 3 years. Milpitis is where most of the peps go now. Anyway, I will am still gonna look into it a little more.

I talked to a friend of mine last night, they still run at the same place they ran at years ago. The only problem with that place is it is pretty far from the freeway and it is easy to get trapped. I think that is why milpitis is the way to go right now. Anyway, I am probably still down to check it out, but it might get shut down quick and everyone will head down to Milpitis anyway.
oh, shit, i don't wanna get trapped, but i do want to check it out,
whats the punishments like in hayward, like are they strict, and do you know of any of their city ordances?
Well, one time that I get trapped down there they pretty much went through every car there and gave any kind of fixit tickets that they could. Or if it was not street legal then they may have some steeper consquences. I dont think thay have been doing that lately though. They usually just break it up. I will see if any of my friends have been out to hayward lately
i'm about to go to sears point on wednesday(i think) i think they give time slips. I'm hoping for 14s.

How fast are you running?
I havent even timed my car yet. I am planning to do an engine swap within the next couple of months, well I hope anyway. That is if everything works out correctly. Anyway, Once that is done, I will take it up to sears point or sac raceway to see what it will do. And then again after I mod the motor to see what those mods do. Anyway, good luck on wednesday, what kind of car??
Damn, I went down to Milpitis last night. That shit was pretty much shut down. A lot of cars but also a lot of cops. Oh well, its all good. Gotta keep going you know?
my bad forgot to check this forum......i am in san carlos....close to san mateo....i am down to go down there whenever...hit me back

Have you ever gone to the ones down in milpitis?? This weekend wasnt too good down there. I didnt even get to see one run or even get to run at all. Anyway, I might be heading down there this weekend.
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