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Couple rules so that us choppers can make a very good chop upon your request... it makes it easier for us and the chop will come out alot cleaner and more realistic... Some of these rules also go for noncar chops...


1. Give us room to chop, post a big enough pic so we can chop comfortably


A. Rims

1. No floor shots plz, post a shot of it straight up facing you straight ahead. It will allow us to have a cleaner chop because you never see a car with wheels on that are facing the floor right? exactly... It would look like a delorian from the back to the future...

B. Cars

1. Side shots or slightly angle shots plz. Skewing a rim on isn't that bad, unless its really really angled, the rear rim will come out bad. So plz post a good angle of the car.

Decal and Vinyl

1. Just give us a big enough pic so it won't come out blurry or grainy.

Color Choices

1. Remember u want something realistic for your cars. Don't ask for cameleon paint or something out the ordinary.


1. Depending on your request, post a good lit pic of your car or rim or watever u need chopped. If u give us a dark pic and u want chrome on, its gonna look really unrealistic. i've tried, it possible to do but it'll come out like WTF.

anything else that is obvious and will help us make your request better should be posted upon your request. Following these rules will make u and i very happy because u have a beautiful example on how your request came out to be... THX!

ps. choppers want to add a couple rules, jus post them and i'll add it to the list... though everything i mentioned should help us make a great chop... let me know...
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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