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I have a stockish 92 civic cx hatch. Phantom Grey.
Stock motor/trans, no mods there She smokes once in a while under partial throttle. I do have a '94 VTEC head, '90 Si bare block, and a ZC transmission with half shaft (cable) If you wanted to start a mini me for it. This car is begging for a swap.

Sick amount of suspension mods. 3k+ in suspension alone. Rides nice but can be dialed in much stiffer for track use.
about $1k in an alpine audio system.

Outside mods include aftermarket "bbs" looking rims, black one piece projectors headlights w/halos, spoon mirrors, and new tint. Everything else is stock. Well, except the gauge cluster that I swapped for a vx so I would have a tachometer. Looks completely factory. all plug and play, no wire hacking.

will need paint on the hood and front bumper, as well as some paintless dent repair for several door dings.

Asking $3500.00 About 6.5k invested in the last year car+mods. Neuspeed, KYB, Skunk 2 and JDM ITR suspension parts, JDM Teggy SiR-G disk brakes all the way around. All Alpine Audio system. plays CDs, Mp3s, WMAs, and a few other formats.

Email [email protected] if you are interested. Thx. Central Texas car, no rust anywhere. NONE.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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