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WANTED: Need, NOS, body kit, wheels, etc. look inside!

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Things needed for a 2000 Honda Civic Ex stock sohc engine.

- NOS kit w/ purge, and remote bottle opener
- 17 or 18 " wheels set of (4) new or used
- full body kit
- AEM Short ram intake
- Loud but nice sounding cat back exhaust, not sure what brand yet
-cheap coilovers

parts can be new or used.
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hey i have a AEM CAI if you want it... its not a short ram.. let me know if you want it ...
I have a set of 17 inch MB motoring wheels and 205/40/17 Nankang tires (good tread, 1 is brand new). 1 rims has a slight bend on the inside lip, but can be fixed. I am open to any trades or offers. Thanks
NOS, body kit, I will have to check on, but the rest of the stuff I can do

Maxspeed coilovers $125
ADR Revo 6 wheels w/falken tires for $1300
or ADR DV8 Hyper silver w/falken tires $1600
or ADR RS Limited Mase Silver $1250
A'PEXi world sport series exhaust $365
AEM Short Ram Intake $85

let me know what you think, we can always swap out some of the more expensive parts some cheaper

[email protected]
or 314-494-7250

Thank, Andy
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jesus christ, 1600 for dv8 rims???

prices are a little steep, dont you think?
i got some 17inch Tenzo Mean 6's with khumo estacs (90% left)

$700.00 mint condition
gr_electronics said:
i got some 17inch Tenzo Mean 6's with khumo estacs (90% left)

$700.00 mint condition
id take tenzo over adr anyday

Dont pay anymore than 800 bucks for 17's unless they are top of the line rims
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