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I got deceived.
Got one reply with picture of the part
and I agreed to send my money (70 dollars) via PayPal " as family / friends".
The address I made the payment to was told to belong to a friend of the seller.
After payment, nothing.
The seller doesnt answer to my messages
I wrote as feedback to the Super Honda forum admins; nothing.

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HALLO ADMINS !! Please, do give me a reply.
I have sent You a message about a month ago.
I'd really afraid I'm not the only one here to be active
on the trade section and become deceived.
First; I'd like to tell all people reading this, that I got ALL
the replies to my "Wanted" thread as Private messages
(only you (and Admins, hopefully ?) are able to read them!)
Most of these replies were more or less relevant per se;
but were sent by Super Honda forum New members.
In other words; they were seemingly joined this Forum,
to have opportunities to make some easy money by deceiving
simple, honest members.
Ok, guy A starts a thread on Super Honda Want to Buy-section.
He tells he is searching for some quite rare part for his Japanese car.
The car is his daily drive.
He gets a couple of messages.
Those messages all are like: "Contact Mr. Bee, he has that for sale".
When guy A writes to that "Mr. Bee" he either reply anything relevant
and tries to sell some Chevy part instead;
or; mr. C smells some easy money; searches Google to find some
proper picture of the kind of item Mr. A is asking for, wrotes a message to him and tells him he has for sale exactly the right item.
And of course, he really has nothing real to sell; he is there just phishing
with artificial identities..
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