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Warcraft 3 Beta

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Well, I didn't get a war3 cd mailed to me like the other lucky 5000 beta signup testers. So you know what? got the war3 beta version from mirc. I don't know how many of you are in to the warcraft series, but this game kicks the hell out of all other multiplayer strategy games. And man, these have to be the clearest most finest graphics I've seen for a strategy game like this. There are so many nice features... all of the races are interesting, there is day and night, and a cool thing on multiplayer is if your teammate happens to drop out, then you can control his units. This game is great and is going to be huuuge.
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How'd you get it on IRC? I want a copy.
Dalnet... it would be a bitch to wait in those queues, just msg me on aim: gazemee
i will send it to u there.
Without saying too much, I'd watch what you do with that "mIRC" copy. I won't deny the fact that I got it as well (and that it kicks ultra ass :D) but Blizzard is fully aware of what happened, and they're seriously pissed -- they even posted about it on their website, without gouging at the throat too much. I'm not trying to persuade you to delete it or anything, just throwing you a heads-up. Good luck with your future warcraft battles :)
really? haha.. i need to read their website... ive always been a warcraft fan, always played on kali for years, then moved to bnet of course. i am buying this game no matter what. no one is trying to hurt blizzard i think. i think the people who hacked the beta just want a taste of war3. its not like it never happens to anyone else, but yea i havent played it in a while. its a good proggie to have right now tho :)
i downloaded warcraft 3 but i dont got the cd key...can someone give me a cd key? or where i can find one. thanks
00accord said:
i downloaded warcraft 3 but i dont got the cd key...can someone give me a cd key? or where i can find one. thanks
Hey, your pm'box is full.
the game is ok as of now, i dont think its starcraft/war2 potential though =/

sure theres strategy and great graphics. but theres really no change of gameplay against different people if you know what i in starcraft, you can start off in many different ways...go defensive, rush, cannon someone in, quick expansion, etc...but here everyone is forced to explore and build up till they feel confortable in attacking someone...its basically linear till you get to the battles...k...:sleep:

i've had war3 beta for like 1.5 months now. seeing as i never played war3 or starcraft before, this is my first blizzard gaming experience. it's pretty phat to me and i'm still learning. if anyone wants the files, IM me and i'll send it through AIM.

pirating software ownz.
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