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Warning about Venom Performance!!!

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Warning about Venom Performance!!!

I believe in praising a company when I buy a great product. I also believe in being vocal about a company when they screw me.

I want to pass on my personal experience about my Venom Performance’s VCN 2000 nitrous kit. It has been over 3 months and I have yet to get a working product for my large out lay of hard earned cash.

Once I got my nitrous kit installed, I had a couple of problems. First was that their documentation for the injector wire harness was wrong. The color they said to hook up their harness to didn’t exist on my car. They did however give instructions to figure it out. No real problem yet. Next issue; when it was all hooked up the RPM counter, the product was showing it bouncing all over the place. At idle it was right, but when the car was reving much over 2000 rpm, the VCN 2000 would jump all over between 4000 to 9999 rpm. This can be very dangerous as it could cause premature injection of the nitrous. The next issue was that the injector pulse width indicator didn’t work. It would start by just reading blank then a few minutes later it would read 0.

I called Venom Performance on a Thursday and went thought the procedure to ensure the harness was installed correctly, and it was. The staff said they would have to research some things about my car, and they would call me back. I heard nothing back. I called them the following Monday. I was told the person got hung up working on the dragster. Nice to know customer service comes first! Once again we go through the process of diagnosing the issue and they thought the problem lay in the control module, and the voltage it was getting from the RPM signal. I sent the PCM to them over night at 50 bucks (my expense). Two weeks later I had no PCM back. They claim they lost my shipping info (couldn’t phone??). When I eventually did get my control module back much later, they fixed absolutely nothing! I called back again, same thing "don’t know what it is, have to research, get back to you". They never got back. Again I call, same thing. I call the manager. He has the balls to tell me its because my cars Canadian (Which I don’t believe for a second). I said, “Fine, I want my money back”. I was told it wasn’t their policy. And he wouldn’t budge. I loose it. I don’t know what to do. Venom just WILL NOT help me. Positively zero customer service and product support. I’m out a wack load of cash and have no nitrous. When you buy a premium product, you should receive nothing less then premium support.

BTW. If you don’t believe me, check out the local L.A. chapter of the BBB. Link given below.

Do yourself a favor. Steer clear of this company and their products.

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I am not talking shit, so don't take this the wrong way. That is why I always try to go with products that are proven to work well, Such as ,ie. a NOS direct port . I don't try to buy things that sound like they work well, I only buy if it is proven they work well.
Sorry about your misfortune.

Did anyone on this board recommend Venom to you?
venom is only a expensive dry system for that price i rather go with a nos direct port or zex system
Funk that!!!!! sounds to me like its time for a lawsuit. I was gunna buy some of their other products, not nos, but forget that. If they wont help with nitrous im not gunna waste my time...
Hi all. Thanks for the replys.

Im the type of guy that likes to do things a little bit differently. Somebody was the first even for the NOS direct port right? Im thinking Zex at this point. Heck I have a black bottle I can use! :rolleyes:

to blownover

I have the venom nitrous system and a complete wiring schematic from them (im not supposed to). I had a problem with their harness to. I think I can help you out. I work for a machine shop/electronics manufacturer (engineering dept). I bought the kit and had some of the same problems you did we sat down here and figured them all out. It work great now.

Damn that sucks, but please do NOT flame venom overall. I have their Hi-flo fuel pump, and a set of 320cc injectors and DAMN what a difference. Sorry about all the crap with your setup man, maybe they've got some kinks to work out; but they ARE a top-notch high quality company.

They helped put my SOHC motor to over 200HP, so they deserve ALL the praise they can get. If 'AALVA' can't help you out, I have I few connections that aren't morons and they may be able to help. NOT everyone there has poor customer service, but I DO KNOW what you mean!
Yeah, something about their customer service, see, my harness fell apart and yeah, i got into a yelling conversation with the manager. he said he is doing what he can do, but b.s. that. anyways, i do like their concept with all their nitrous stuff, but they can use a lil work on their service.
CivicNOS1 said:
but they ARE a top-notch high quality company.
Ok, they are top notch company that has shitty customer service and sells an over priced dry kit. Don't think that the Venom sticker is going to make it any faster than the smae car with a NOS or NX kit. I've raced a little ricer with a Venom sticker before. He could barely pull on my poor little civic EX.
Those that have the venom kit, please contact me at [email protected]

Thank you..
venom makes alot of claims , but i dont buy them . i hear from alot of people and thweir issues with em . everyone here will tell you to stay away from them .
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