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I got a V-Force last night and hooked it up.

I put a rear section exhaust and an intake on a hour before installing a V-Force.

Installer followed by the manual, so there was no problem while intalling. (I hope so.)

I was going to my house on local way (I think I drive w/ no problem like 30miles), then engine check light just came on and my car is just stalled.


So I parked my car in gas station and I tried to reset ECU.

Yeah...of course engine check light went off, but I'm still worried.

I drive my car today like a few miles and there is no problem now. exhaust sound is little bit different compared to last night.

Less loud I think. (Much deep sound)

Do I have to put it off on my car and sell it? or just keep it?

Help me out.

1 - 5 of 14 Posts
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