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well first off do you have any mods on the car?
when you bought the car did you know if the owner fixed up the car or is a crazy redline driver?

if you dont have any mods or anything. and know for sure that the last owner took care of the car then you might want to call up honda of america. but before you do call honda of america you might want to go to a more desireable acura service department. and talk to the servicea dvisor manager. see what he will say. if he continues to insist that, then proceed to call honda/acura of america.

ps-if there was not mods and you know that the last owner took care of the car. then you have nothing to worry about. the service reps tend to scare people who tries to BS them by saying they have to pay for labor. even if they open up and find there is something wrong with it, they will have to prove/show that it was due to the drivers neglagence.
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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