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Everytime I wash my car, I do it towards the end of the day so the sun isn't shining, etc so the water won't dry and i can dry it manually and not get spots. Well, here's the problem ... no matter how much I scrub, these waterspots show up in the same spot EVERYTIME. Even if I take all the old wax off and stuff and wash it, they still show up. I'm thinking they're acid rain damage marks ... or something of that nature. Shuold using a buffer take these out? I usually wax by hand, so I'm thinking buffing them should take em out, and get a better wax job anyway. But I've tried different kinds of car wash shit, different kinds of wax (manually put on) and all kinds of stuff. I've also tried a clay bar, and a blemish/scratch remover, but nothing.

Anyone got any ideas?
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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