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wats the difference between Europe and USA civics???

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ive read sum where that Europes civic coupes are better then the USA's civic coupe.....i dont know y coz they are the same car. im taking bout the 6th Generation Civics. they look identical cept for the colour of the rear headlights and the front lip is a bit different. here in Aus i was also talkin to sum1 on the net whos from the states and he had a 2000 SI and he said that he would rather a VTI wats the difference coz i woulda thought they were the same car.

in Aus we got the VTI civics and we only have a few SI's.
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they have a 1.5 L vtec sohc motor and some 1.3L's and various 2.0's the lather 2 non-vtec

no im talkin bout the 1.6L DOHC Vtec civic coupes.......6th Generation, meaning the years between 1996 to 2000!!!!!
because for those of us in the 96-98 range of the 6th gen Civic the b16a2 was not available till released in the 99-00 Si. The Ti hs had it all the long. lso the emissions in the US are more strict reduces power output in our b16s. Also you guys get a Type R, something we Americans may never see.
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