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WaZzup..I'M New To tHis..what MODS have everyone done to their car?

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INterIor:NothIng...LoOks Exactly the Same whEn i got it brAnD NeW
-18 in C2 Evo Rims
-Octane Body Kit
-Carbon Fiber Gen2 Tailights
-Konig V-racing ROof Wing
-Carbon Fiber Hood
-Black Ion Blue Projecotr Headlights
-Dropped with Eibhac Sportline Springs(wanna drop more though)
-Car is Black right now...but getting it painted soon gunmetal...
Peformance MODS:
-Dual catback exhaust Tanabe Hyper Medallion
-Comptech Headers
-AEM Feul Rail
-75 shot N/x Nitrous w/bottle warmer(bout to get a direct port nitrous system)wanna take higher shots:D

bout to do alot more things peformance wise...havent taken my car to the track just yet...still alot to do before i go...i dont know if its possible to get my accord v6 running 12s...but im determine to get it to at least in the 13s..ill get link of pics of my car soon as soon as i actually take pictures of my car...i got some but havent scan them yet...and if any have any suggestions how i could make my car open to suggestions...

so what else have everyone done to their car?
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damn i have pro kit imagine how i feel
u got a pic of your car?
how much does the pro kit drop it?
i know the sportline for me drop it like around 2 or 3 inches not really sure..i feel like my car look liek a truck right now with the springs with my C2s on...i wanna get some coilovers but not sure what kind i should get...any suggestions?
Prokit drops 1.5 all around I believe.. as for coils Apex'i world series? I'v always liked apex'i stuff. Oh I forgot to mention, coilovers are for perfromance thus have stiffer (uncomfy) ride and springs/shocks combo are more for daily driving w/o ruining stock shocks imo.
my car is stock
Welcome to the board! I haven't done my on my car except AEM short ram, Comptech exhaust, Denso IK16 plugs, Neuspeed front strut & rear sway bars, black/clear headlights, and red/clear taillights! :D
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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