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we don't get to keep our post count?

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whats up with that?...who wants to start over when you've got nearly 1500 posts!? :)
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live with werent the only one with that many
whats it matter you just get on here and post whore or what, i only use this to benefit me and other ppl with serious questions, not like what should i do b16 or zc engine posts, those are redicoulous or the ones 2001 mustang cobra vs 90 b16 crx who do you think will win????
those posts are the dumbest things ive ever waisted my time reading.
ok im done venting ...... i think
who cares? posts don't make you better.... the content of ur talking does.
UltimX said:
who cares? posts don't make you better.... the content of ur talking does.
true true


sorry to catch you guys on a bad day, but its just disappointing cause it took me a long time to amass that many posts cause i DON"T post whore and i only reply when i have something useful to say and RARELY post new topics...anyways, i just remember the last time everyone's posts got wiped out Mike_SHO had a post set-up so you could get your post count's just sort of a pride thing y'know? sorry to stir y'all up :)

88 CRX si
if you are replying to me, then i think you got it wrong. I understand you probably don't post alot, i don't either unless i have something usefull to say (sometimes talk) and have a question. Sorry u took it the wrong way. no hard feelings?
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