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Website w/ step by step Turbo installs for Dummies?

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I need to direct someone from another continent to a good webiste with setp by step turbo install for a turbo similar to rev hard or drag with manifold and external wastegate... I would like this website to also have some info on the small things such as gaskets and all the little things we dont usually mention.. as well as installs on check valves or missing link and the fuel pump and basically everything including some pictures... thanks... this guy isnt a dumb ass but its hard to explain it over the phone starting with step one to last step... thanks...
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I would check out the forum on ************ and go under the resource tab. Click on 4th gen tab then turbo install. he installing a drag gen 2 turbo kit. hope this helps. it doesn't have everthing but close to it.
honda - tech . com has a REALLY good forced induction forum
Is the website censoring other website names? I don't think that's cool, especially because this site is just restarting.:rolleyes:
i beleive so i have noticed it in other posts. But it workes if you just cut and paste the link.
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