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Weird brake....thing...

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I encountered a really weird thing today during a drive.

For the first 5 minutes of the drive, had a weird brake issue.

Whenever the car slowed down to about 2-3mph, the brakes gave out as I was lightly on them about to creep to a stop.

It was almost as if the ABS gave one short pulse releasing the brake thinking it was about to lock.

No ABS light on.

It went away after 5 minutes. Maybe just a cold ABS sensor? Icy brake rotor? Icy brake pad?

Ideas are welcome....thx.
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fluid levels ok? any visible leaks?
I dunno, it's cold up here lol. I'll take a look. Nothing leaking under the car, I wouldn't suspect low or dirty brake fluid....brakes work excellently other than this obscure thing.
not enough vacuum pressure to the brake booster while engine is cold. might have a crack in your vacuum lines?
I'll have to see if it happens again. I remember now that something under the hood was whining/crying as I drove for the first 30 seconds or so. That sort of stuff happens when driving auto trans cars in -45º mornings back home, but it was just below freezing when I was was definitely something my car has never done before.
my car does the same thing all the time after a while the abs light will come on and it will stop. i have yet to figure out what it is

I'm pretty sure it's ABS now. It happens pretty much all the time when my speed is below 5 kph AND the pressure I apply to the brake is very slight. The brakes totally give out for about 2 seconds...while I hear a very electromechanical sound (almost like the brrrrr the fuel pump makes) during this loss of brake power. Again, I also can feel this loss through the brake's like I'm crushing a peanut shell underneath the pedal (like normal ABS, but only two pulsations --> one when the brakes give out, and another when they come back on at like 2 kph, and then I can stop).

I'm pretty sure it's ABS because a cold morning a couple days ago saw the ABS light come on (i.e. ABS disengaged), and the problem went away. I haven't pulled an ABS fuse to confirm this yet, but I might if the problem keeps persisting.

Can anybody confirm a specific ABS issue? Winter rims aren't coming off until May 11, so I won't be checking for any loose ABS wires etc. until then.
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could possibly be a bad check valve in the vacuum line going to the booster
Well when I swap wheels on May 11 (I'll be out of town from mid-April to then), then I can inspect all the lines/sensors, and get under the hood and check everything from the master to the calipers. Thanks for the input.
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