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Weird motor sound...

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Ok... it's kinda hard to describe. Seems to be coming from the driver's side of the engine, near the accessory belt...

Not a ticking or rattle... kinda like a *ploop *ploop *ploop.... haha. No turd jokes. Car seems to run fine... I have noticed recently it will sometimes it hesitate when I mash the throttle.


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uhhhhhhhhhhhhh........timing belt is all i could think of. idk. get that checked tho. if that thing breaks, your motor is done.
Replaced 2 years ago... maybe 5000 miles on it... car was in storage for a while. I can check i though.

It does seem to be coming from that general area. Can hear it when you start the motor, but as idle drops it kinda goes away... after listening to it again it sounds kinda like this:

When you tap all four fingers on a plastic cup or something... it's like that but very quiet... Nobody else can hear it but me. Either I'm crazy or I just know my car better than everyone else...

:nuts :ahh Haha

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check the timing belt tensioner... if its the sound that im thinking about then look into that....

let me know what you find...
your engine is pooping :hehe
noopie said:
he said no turd jokes :idiots
I'm noticing that in my Lude as well....Esp if I haven't started it in a while. I think that it's the belts are dry or one of them could be on too tight :confused
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