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weird noise from motor

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when i started my car this morning it was making a little higher pitched noise. so popped the hood, n' it sounds as if it is coming from the driver side, like near the cam gears or something. then i pushed the lil throttle thingy n' it goes away right after, but returns once the rpms settle back down. the noise is only present around 1500rpms, and idle b4 the motor is warm. i was thinkin that maybe the cam gear cover might be a little too close to the cam gears and belts, and that maybe the vibration during those rpms or so is causing it to rub or something. please give me ur opinions and if anybody has had the same problems, please lemme know how u fixed the problem.
i was gonna remove the cam gear cover when i replaced the valve cover gaskets, but i am not sure if those 2 bolts have any other importance, cuz i removed 1 and it was kinda long, and only had thread on the tip of it, so maybe it was holding something other than the cam cover as well. thank you.
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high-pitch noise...kinda like a squeel or something? COuld be a loose belt, perhaps power steering?

And the bolts you took out only hold the cam gear has nothing to do with the noise.

Are there signs of anything rubbing together? Check the deflection of the might have to adjust the tensioner bolt to tighten up the slack.
Well I had a similar problem with my integra, it was a high pitched noise only at 1500rpm idle... but when I pushed in the CLUTCH a little it would go away, not the gas pedal.. It ended up being a main bearing in my transmission that was leaking, so they took everything apart. I was covered by warrant though, the list of crap on the paperwork was a lot of stuff though, it would have cost a lot. But I dunno if you have the same problem or not, Just sounded familar. Good luck though...
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